The acceleration of digital transformation has generated certain needs that we support you with:

  • Visibility of everything that happens on the organisation's platforms and administration of the organisation.
  • Analysis of the data obtained.
  • Automation of processes to save cost, time and human error.
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Visibility on all your digital platforms

Because every infrastructure, platform, business and customer is different, we deliver tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Talk to one of our executives and find out what's best for you and your business.

User Experience

We measure the produced quality of a digital channel that will be perceived at all times by real users.

Infrastructure and Networks

Comprehensive service specialising in the monitoring of technological infrastructures. We provide visibility at hardware and software level.

Process Automation

Leave the repetitive tasks to the robots and let your team of professionals take care of what really matters in your business.


Toolkits whose main objective is to help your company's IT managers understand what is happening in your systems.

Management and Monitoring Centre 24×7

We administer monitoring tools and manage incidents for clients who wish to outsource their monitoring area.

Business Intelligence

Making informed decisions is one of the differentiating factors for businesses. Monitor and display all the information you need for your business in one place.

Monitoring the Multichannel Experience of your Users





Monitor your mobile applications, your call centre channel, website and tablet applications and maintain complete visibility of your business, receiving real-time alerts in case of incidents.

Atentus Methodology

Detect Problems Before Your Customers Do


We deliver visibility of your platforms from all sides, with a unique methodology in the market where we can monitor from the last mile and ensure that the data obtained is accurate.

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We have a reporting system with customised dashboards where we provide you with relevant information for intelligent decision making. Ask for our Business Intelligence service and display all your business information in one place.

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Receive real-time event and incident alerts via email, or if you prefer, SMS, telegram, slack or Whatsapp, for timely resolution of problems.

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Maintaining customer satisfaction

Applications are now at the heart of all activity, be it business, education or services. This puts user experience as the main objective when measuring the performance of our platforms, understood as effective availability and speed. Users demand immediacy of response, so it is imperative to constantly monitor performance.

Our Measurements

We have the capacity to install probes all over the world.

Currently present throughout Latin America, North America and Europe, we raise awareness, inform and alert you in real time for the timely resolution of incidents.