Massive Crashes on Major Websites

By 22 Jul 2021 Technology

According to major media outlets such as CNN and CNBC, a massive outage occurred today on some of the world's most important websites. The failures coincided with reports of system outages at Akamai and Oracle, two key Internet infrastructure service providers.

"We are monitoring a global issue related to an Edge DNS that is affecting access to many Internet resources, including Oracle's cloud properties," Oracle said.
Akamai's Edge DNS service helps route web browsers to their correct destinations and also provides a security service.

Most sites were back up and running in less than an hour after the outage began, however, hundreds of users showed their dissatisfaction through the social networks of the affected websites.

One of the main problems that this presents is the distrust of users in the face of these failures, blaming not the infrastructure service provider platformVisibilityInfrastructure, but the websites visited in question. At Atentus we are convinced that the best practice in the face of these incidents is to have the platforms monitored at all times, in order to detect problems in real time and inform users through their other service channels. In this way, we avoid problems of mistrust and complaints that could cost customers.