3 Best Practices to improve your e-commerce UX


If you have a presence in the digital world it can be very difficult to gain ground and stand out from your competition if you don't focus on every detail of your e-commerce.

At Atentus we are convinced that the following practices are the key to success in delivering the best experience to your customers and users:

  1. Make your site "Mobile Friendly

According to a study conducted by Fieldworks and Samsung Electronics Chile, at least 68% of Chileans regularly shop on their mobile phones. If your pages are not optimised for mobile phones or you don't have a functional app, the abandonment rate will be high, damaging your reputation and losing customers. Make sure your apps are always available and their response times are within the standard expected by users.

2. Optimised Visual Content and Design

Visual content is very powerful and can help customers develop a preference for your online shop, however, if this content is not optimised and loaded on the website correctly, it can work against you. Heavy images and videos can cause your site to take longer to load, contributing to customer abandonment due to long waits. A page that loads incorrectly or displays unstable can cause customers to become distrustful and abandon your site.

3. Easy and accessible customer service

Offer your customers different customer service channels both for purchasing and for resolving queries. Make sure that all of them are always available and working properly. Your customers do not want an answering machine with message problems or long waiting times.

There are countless tools for the implementation of your e-commerce, but are you aware of its performance and the experience your customers have when they buy? At Atentus we accompany your online shop 365 days a year, 24 hours a day with 360º visibility services. We monitor, analyse and alert you in real time to incidents for their timely resolution. Solve your problems before your customers notice and deliver the excellent shopping experience your users expect.

For more information about user experience in your e-commerce and customer service channels contact us.