Atentus partners with Red Hat to promote automation

For over 20 years, technology firm Atentus has specialised in developing software aimed at monitoring in real time and improving the quality of the customer experience, across various service platforms such as mobile apps, call centre channel, and website. Atentus is based in Santiago, Chile, but has a regional presence in six Latin American countries (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru), with a view to starting operations in Brazil during 2022.

Based on delivering complete visibility into the user experience of its various interaction channels, the Atentus portfolio expands into business intelligence and application and infrastructure monitoring in industries such as retail, banking, transportation, healthcare and telecommunications, among others.

Alejandro Padilla, CEO and founder of Atentus, emphasised that "the main value of our company lies in its highly qualified team of professionals and its development and management methodology, with its own applications and integration with business partners".

The executive explained that - in simple terms - the synthetic monitoring methodology applied by Atentus consists of real software "robots", which interact with their customers' platforms by realistically mimicking the behaviour of end users. As a result, they offer permanent monitoring, including network elements from local service providers.
This year Atentus signed a strategic alliance with Red Hat, whose main focus is to leverage the automation technologies of the open source multinational. Through the Red Hat Ansible suite, the Chilean technology firm hopes to offer added value to its monitoring services, allowing its customers to react immediately and automatically based on the visibility provided by the company's solutions. "With Red Hat Ansible, we can go beyond reporting, providing complete visibility of potential problem points, as well as a tool for their resolution," he said.

A real case a few months ago illustrates the concrete benefits of this partnership. An Atentus customer was experiencing a regular system crash in the early hours of the morning. Atentus monitoring detected that the problem was caused by a memory cache flush, which was crashing at the same time every day. With the Red Hat Ansible solution, the customer was able to automate the memory flush, and thus avoid relying on a human operator to enter the command at that time (and its corresponding error rate).

Luis Bustamante, Partners and Alliances Manager at Red Hat Chile, commented that the Red Hat Ansible platform is an excellent complement to the network and application monitoring services offered by Atentus; supporting the IT areas of companies to improve their response times in the event of incidents, known as remediation.

"Automation technologies can reduce the incidence of human error, accelerate software delivery times, and deliver improved prevention and response to service outages," he added.

He said that despite advances in different areas of technology, much of IT operations and administration is still manual: "Eighty per cent of time is spent on operational tasks, leaving just 20 per cent for innovation. To turn that proportion around, it is necessary to automate day-to-day tasks," he said.

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