E-commerce growth would increase the number of apps and websites by 50% by 2022

By 23 Nov 2021 PERU, Technology

According to Atentus, the growth of e-commerce will cause the number of websites and apps to rise by up to 50% by 2022. However, this will depend on the country's economic stability.

E-commerce continues to grow despite the fact that they are progressively returning to physical shops. In fact, the consulting firm Atentus Peru estimates that the growth of e-commerce will produce between 30% and 50% more websites and applications for the development of e-commerce by 2022.

Duilio Botetano, manager of Atentus Peru, told Gestión newspaper that there are currently 300,000 websites and applications dedicated to e-commerce, with a strong upturn in 2020 and 2021. He also pointed out that the figure will not double next year, but that it will grow by 30% or 50% respectively.

This growth goes hand in hand with the economic recovery and stability in the country. For example, it is currently very positive because shopping for the Christmas campaign has been brought forward as users have opted to use e-commerce to purchase their products during digital events.

On the other hand, the consultant explained that the investment required for a website can be at least 1,000 dollars. However, the executive indicated that everything will depend on the company's purpose and where it wants to go.

Botetano also said that business is much more dynamic on websites and applications that sell technology, retail fashion and education, as they have registered a high ticket within e-commerce.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that for a company to operate efficiently within online sales channels, it is necessary to have a system that is fast and secure. In other words, the performance of the website or application must be optimal in terms of response and loading.

"The optimal time for a response on the web or app is that it takes no more than five seconds to load. Beyond that, the customer gets impatient and leaves the page," the executive said.

Finally, Duilio Botetano stated that "e-commerce and the digital market have grown between 500% and 600% compared to 2019, and with respect to 2021 the progress has been more stable, between 30% and 40%".


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