The keys to delivering an optimal digital experience to your customers


Customer experience, or digital customer experience, can be a real challenge for brands, especially as many still struggle to define where their customers are and the best ways to connect with them . A good digital customer experience ensures that consumers feel valued and understood throughout their customer journey, regardless of the platform or channel they are using. Any interaction you have with them should be seamless, practical and hassle-free.

It should be emphasised that a consumer-centric strategy is essential to deliver physical or digital customer experiences. A seamless digital experience is even more important today, as we are aware that eCommerce has been growing steadily in Mexico for the past three years.
For example, the performance of healthcare eCommerce puts Mexico as the second fastest growing country (70%) in sales in Latin America, second only to Argentina.
Digital transformation has accelerated since the start of the pandemic in 2020 and if anything has become clear it is that customers have responded favourably to those businesses that have prioritised digital, saving them time, reducing the risks of contagion, but above all, delivering more alternatives to what they are looking for.
The stock of products in a physical shop is no longer a constraint in the online channel, banking transactions are 100% digital, and we can even have medical care through this medium.


The digital customer experience is the online journey that consumers take when interacting with a brand . It can include activities such as: searching for the product online to understand its features, browsing the Internet for reviews, consulting self-service or customer service portals for help, interacting with the mobile app, shopping, paying bills, etc. This is where it is important to identify that many companies are still struggling to determine how to deliver a great digital customer experience, delivering websites, mobile apps and phone support channels that are not always available, or intermittently down due to saturation of simultaneous online users.

With Atentus, companies can see what customers are experiencing in real time. It will give you the tools to better understand the impact your digital platform has on the customer experience and ensure the best experience for your users. Atentus uncovers the experiences users have on your digital channels wherever and however they access them.


Aware that omnichannel is part of the present and future, Atentus helps to make each business front visible and, in this way, ensure the best quality of digital service to customers and users. The Atentus method is the only way to determine the real availability and response times per provider/city, visualising in detail the behaviour of the internal and external factors that affect the experience of your end users.
The tools used in this method include:
It allows to know the availability and response times of each of the monitored web pages, obtaining a complete view of the quality and status of web applications and therefore, of the experience that your users are having when interacting with them.
It simulates the navigation performed by a user from one or more mobile devices, from different technologies and telecommunications providers, reporting the availability of each of the steps executed and the status of the application.
Automated monitoring service that operates from telephone networks to measure the quality and performance of the IVR answering machine. Through these services and accompanied by online reporting, business analytics and specialised attention 24/7, 365 days a year, Atentus provides the option that guarantees its clients to offer great digital experiences to users of online channels.

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