The HOT SALE in Argentina is approaching and ecommerce is warming up its engines.

By 6 May 2022 ARGENTINA

In recent years, consumer digitalisation has accelerated and companies have focused on online sales, with 5/10 companies selling their products from marketplaces.


For this HOT SALE Argentina 2022, ecommerce needs to be prepared for the possibility of massive consumer purchases and the high concurrence of simultaneous users, and for this they must have optimised their digital channels in the best possible way.

There are many factors that can damage your digital channels or cause it to fail at any time, such as: poorly developed developments, software errors, hacker attempts, poor sizing of the capacity of concurrent users, among others, causing frustration in the navigation of users, a high rate of abandonment and generating significant monetary losses that affect the objectives of the organisations participating in the event.

To avoid the above, a digital platform needs to perform flawlessly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is not acceptable for them to work well only at specific times, but the customer experience must be optimal at all times. 

This is why Atentus places special importance on diagnosing the performance of applications and websites through proactive stress tests, which provide objective information on what is happening with the platforms so that IT teams can make corrections at the right time before users can detect problems.

With Atentus, it is possible to improve the end-user experience, leading to lower abandonment rates and increased sales in ecommerce. We get a complete view of what is happening in digital channels, helping companies to deliver the experience that users deserve.


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Written by Juan Cruz Valiante and María Ignacia Ketels, Atentus Argentina and Chile.