Accelerating digital experience innovation in Latin America seeks partnership between Atentus and Dynatrace


Software intelligence and solutions for the analysis of user experience behavior are combined through the alliance of both companies.

Headquartered in Argentina, with presence in Colombia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Mexico, Atentus has more than 20 years of experience in user experience management. The company's main objective is to provide visibility of everything that happens in the organizations' platforms, data analysis and process automation.

These services complement the automated observability provided by Dynatrace, which gives customers real-time visibility into the performance of their digital services, including web and mobile applications, from the end-user perspective so that teams can continuously improve the user experience and accelerate the delivery of digital innovation.

"The amount of data Dynatrace captures can be used with our proprietary methodology to provide accurate answers to decision makers on how to improve digital services," said Alejando Padilla, CEO of Atentus. "Our solutions, with the vision of making data analytics transparent, coupled with Dynatrace's AI-powered automatic observability, will enable external and internal customers to maximize the value their digital infrastructure creates for the business by providing complete visibility into what is happening, from the code layer to what the user sees on screen. This partnership will enable teams to be more proactive in managing digital channels," Padilla noted.

Alejandro Musgrove, Dynatrace's Director of Alliances and Channels for Latin America explained that the evolution of mobile technology in the last decade has changed the sales game because now "everything is held in the palm of your hand." "That's why we need to help companies with partners like Atentus to get a clear picture of what digital transformation offers; which can be achieved by making business decisions based on data from the digital experience of customers accessing via mobile devices."

"Our added value and main differentiator of the company is to enable organizations to offer the highest possible quality of digital service," mentioned Jessica Gutierrez, Atentus' manager in Mexico. "We want to help organizations understand the needs of their end users. Our consultancy is responsible for confirming all the efforts made by IT teams to improve business processes and provide excellent service to users," she added.

"The expectation and enthusiasm for this alliance is very high, not only in the Mexican market, but throughout Latin America. Atentus is a great differentiator in the market that adapts very well to the needs of customers and complements Dynatrace's value offering, especially in digital experience, where their solutions integrate seamlessly with our platform. This will enable deep observability in the end-to-end digital journey of users," said Miguel Angel Alarcon, Dynatrace Partner Sales Manager for Mexico.


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