Synthetic Monitoring: Get to know the benefits of this service for your digital platform

By 22 Sep 2022 PERU, Technology

There are currently more than 300 thousand online businesses nationwide and more than 13.9 million Peruvians shopping online.

Synthetic monitoring makes it possible to detect errors as if they were real users, in order to provide a smooth service to the user when using the digital platform. 

With technological progress, many processes have been modified in human life, to the point that devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, among others, have become essential for people and have become part of our daily lives.

With the advent of technology, people have been changing the way they carry out their activities, among them the way of acquiring products or services stands out considerably. According to a study conducted by the Peruvian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CAPECE), more than 13.9 million Peruvians currently use digital channels to make purchases or transfers.

In this context, Duilio Botetano, Manager of Atentus Peru comments, "It is known that when a website or mobile app is unavailable, has errors or high waiting times, the user abandons the digital platform, which has negative impacts for the company. With the increasing number of people using various apps or websites, these can crash, block the use of buttons to continue a purchase or make a transfer."

For the above reasons, and in order to help Peruvian businessmen and entrepreneurs to provide digital platforms available and good performance for their users, Atentus provides synthetic monitoring, a unique service that allows companies to have visibility from an external perspective, on the performance of their digital platforms, web and mobile app. With robots installed in the main internet providers, simulating real users, these robots alert the work teams in real time about unavailability or real errors, so that it is possible to take appropriate actions to avoid dissatisfaction of real users.

Every company that has a web platform or mobile application, suffers at some point incidents, unavailability or high load times, therefore, it is very necessary to constantly monitor the platform from an external perspective in order to take corrective actions, effective and timely to ensure a good user experience.

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