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Prepara tu plataforma virtual y haz que la experiencia de compra fluya aún en los días de mayor concurrencia de usuarios

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para el Black Friday

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We know that it is difficult to keep the business running in this time of contingency, especially for small and medium companies in the e-commerce world, but in Atentus we are with you, and we offer a wide range of monitoring solutions so you can ensure the continuity of your business and also deliver the best experience to your users in the busiest days of the year: Cyberdays.

We have Web Monitoring for sites and Mobile Monitoring for your mobile applications, but we also deliver tailor-made solutions according to your specific needs.

Do you know if your platforms support high concurrent user traffic?


Web Monitoring

It consists of measuring the performance of a Web application or Web Service, obtaining availability metrics and response times for each transaction carried out. Our robots are able to enter with username, password, ID, and make the flow that a real user would do. Atentus robots are installed in the main Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the country.

Mobile Monitoring

Delivers a complete view of the quality and status of your mobile applications. It measures performance from the real user's perspective and measures the availability of the App and each of the steps executed from different technologies and telecommunications providers.
It features up-to-date Monitoring, Alerts and Historical Reporting. In addition to predetermined frequency and navigation flows. You can authenticate and log in with User and Password just like a real user.

Stress Testing

It consists of determining the behaviour of an application by subjecting it to a high level of simultaneous user concurrency, obtaining availability metrics and response times for each transaction carried out.
We developed our own browser, which allows us to automate navigation on a Web application and interact with it in the same way as a real user would.

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We currently have
Active monitoring in e-commerce


¿De qué manera impacta la Visibilidad UX en el Black Friday?

Before making an online purchase 75% of users researches through search engines the product they wish to purchase and are willing to buy, without having a preference for any virtual shop. We can consider as the first phase of the user experience the importance of well-designed sites with clear information, so that search engines consider them at the top of the results, both at an organic and paid level.

Nowadays, you can have the best platform or tool, but if the user does not have a good interaction user experience is paramountThe UX of a website can be a key factor in a shopper leaving the site, leading to lost sales, as is proper pricing and stock visibility. The use of UX tools helps to boost the business.This is a key factor, as is proper pricing and proper visibility of stock. Don't lose sales because of a poorly maintained site with long queues and constant downtime. Give your users the experience they deserve.

Some UX tools that currently exist are Synthetic Monitoring, RUM (Real User Monitoring) and APM (Application Performance Management) among others. All these tools can be found at Atentus.

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