Business Intelligence

Visibility and Applied Business Intelligence

Knowing where to find information and how to use it. That is the secret of success.

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A set of methodologies, applications and technologies that enable the collection, cleaning and transformation of data into useful business information.

Business Intelligence is a service that transforms data into information through Storage, Datawarehouse or Data Lages + ETL, transformation and preparation of data, to then deploy reports and dashboards that allow a correct analysis.

The source of data generally comes from business-related IT tools. Atentus' expertise is directly related to the visualisation of our synthetic solutions or other solutions from our partners (APM, Infrastructure, UX). This allows us to give an integrated view of multiple systems.

A complete BI solution

It enables you to observe, understand, predict, collaborate and decide. It transforms data into information, and information into knowledge, so that the process of intelligent business decision-making can be optimised.

  • Data in information
  • Information in knowledge
  • Knowledge for sound and timely decisions
  • Different Origins (DB, Log, WS)
  • Multiple formats
  • Different temporalities
  • Availability of access
  • Storage
  • Synthetic
  • RUM
  • APM
  • Infrastructure
  • Networking
  • Other particular origins
ETL: Extract, Transform & Load
  • Interpretation
  • Approval
  • Meta Data
  • Periodicity
  • Storage

Online Board Application

  • Monitoring
  • Integrated visualisation
  • Correlation of incidents
  • Troubleshooting analysis
  • Alerts
  • Personalisation

Statistical Analysis and Predictive Modelling
Personalised information
Identification of patterns and correlation of variables
Definition of KPI
Evolution of indicators
Measuring and communicating actions and results
Reporting and Management Control
Overview of services or products
Target and application oriented
Determined by budget
Pre-existing and mandatory tools
Complexity and skill level of the team


  • Online dashboards and online scoreboards
  • Integration of different related data sources in a single view: allows a global view of a process, enhancing corrective actions.
  • Management reports
  • periodic reporting of KPIs integrated between systems for proper process control.
  • Definition of indicators
  • Advice on identifying and obtaining process control variables.
  • Reporter tool training