i14 report for the CPM

Atentus implements and manages the i14 report required by Circular Letter N° 6 - 2019 on Electronic Funds Transfers and related services: availability and immediacy.

REPORT I14: Availability and immediacy

In order to have statistical information on the availability times and immediacy of wire transfer services, as well as on the situations that affect customers' normal access to their funds, the new file I14 is incorporated into the Information System Manual.

Importance and enforceability

This file is to be reported by all banks that have one or more institutional websites and/or mobile applications that allow electronic funds transfers as referred to in paragraph 4.1 of Chapter 1-7 of the Updated Compilation of Standards, including transfers made between customers of the same bank, and other online services such as account blocking and balance enquiries. The information provided in this file corresponds both to events recorded during the reported month, as well as to daily data on electronic transfers ordered by the indicated channels in the same period.

How we apply it at Atentus

Atentus uses real accesses and automates the navigation of each digital channel (Web, AppMobile (Android, iPhone) and IVR) by means of bots. In this way and measuring from within the backbone of the main Internet providers in different cities in Latin America (the Atentus measurement method), it objectively records the availability of the digital channels of banks, insurance companies and financial institutions, identifying errors in the digital channel and therefore the real availability, plus the errors of the Internet providers.

This method allows to objectively identify the availability of the digital channel and to separate errors from the Internet provider, so that institutions can inform the market about real incidents that affect them and that could affect the confidence confidence of users.

We review the availability or uptime of the following services:


Access Login


Transfer of Funds


Current account balance enquiry


Credit card balance enquiry


Balance enquiry on other credit lines


Balance enquiry on demand deposit account


Card balance enquiry with provision of funds


Voluntary blocking


In order to meet the quality standards required by the CMF in its i14 report, Atentus provides a user experience monitoring service using a unique methodology in the market.

We calculate the Uptime of the exploration of various ISPs, which are the most representative in Chile.
We implement and manage the accesses necessary to record the data required for this report.
We implement the necessary flows to achieve the required metrics.
If the bank has security systems such as tokens or coordinate cards, we also implement them.
We have a 24x7 Management and Monitoring service to deal with incidents.