20 years developing and automating quality on the internet

Since its inception in 2001, Atentus has helped all types of businesses maximise the performance of their networks and applications so that they can achieve the full potential of their IT investments.

Atentus was born with the purpose of developing technological solutions that improve the quality of the Web experience of end users. We have positioned ourselves as the leading company in visibility services solutions in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and soon, Brazil. The main value of our company lies in our team of highly qualified professionals and our development and management methodology, with our own applications and integration with business partners.

Our clients are large national and multinational corporations that have placed their trust in our services, which makes us a strategic partner in the construction of quality indicators and the satisfaction of their end clients.

We Differentiate Ourselves

Our main concern is the welfare of our customers and their end-users.

20 years of Monitoring Experience

We are present in all industries delivering our services since 2001.

Specialised Customer Service

24/7 support by our specialist engineers 365 days a year

Custom Dashboards

We have a selection of customised dashboards and special reports according to the needs of each client.

Wide Coverage at Latin American Level

We have offices in the most important places in Latin America and monitoring probes all over the world.

Own, Unique and Accurate Methodology

Proprietary technology developed by Atentus, with a monitoring methodology that is unique in the market.

More than 120 companies rely on us every day.

We deliver our services to multinational companies, banks, education, healthcare, retail and much more.

Real-time alerting

Real-time customised alerts on sections of your platform that are not working properly

Display on all channels

Learn about the experience of all your users regardless of the channel they are on.

We offer Visibility Control and Management

Our Mission Statement

We deliver metrics and indicators for the quality management of digital channels and technological infrastructure services, which enable analysis to establish and control service levels, with the aim of improving end-user satisfaction and contributing to the process of continuous improvement of companies' IT systems.

Our Vision

To be the certifying body and benchmark in the IT industry for the quality of digital channels through technological solutions that improve the experience of end users.


Our Team of Professionals

We have a management team with years of experience in visibility solutions.

Together, they form a team of specialised professionals, ensuring that the services provided provide the value the client is looking for.

We are available 24/7 365 days a year to raise awareness, inform and alert you of any incidents your platforms may be facing.