Simulate the navigation performed by a user from one or more mobile devices, from different technologies and telecommunications providers, and report on the availability of each of the steps executed.

User experience monitoring

Gain real-time visibility into performance issues and end-user experiences

Coverage in all aspects

It consists of a set of tools designed to cover all aspects that the client wishes to monitor: availability, response times, user behaviour.

Unique methodology

This consists of actively monitoring the application using a browser, which is executed by a default browser script, pretending to be a real user.

Problem detection

It enables proactive detection of performance problems on different physical devices.

Application performance

Understand how multiple back-end services (internal and third party) are affecting the performance of your application.


Monitoring of your application on both Android and iOS, on high-end, mid-range and low-end mobile phones.


Count on 24x7 administration, support and personalised attention of the tools.

Benefits of Mobile Monitoring

Hire now, get real-time visibility

Periodic monitoring, non-intrusive and without human intervention, allowing visibility on the performance of the application.

Full analysis

Analysis of functionalities and performance of the elements that make up the application, from the end user's perspective.


Generation of alerts for events and non-compliance with SLAs, for corrective actions.

Error detection

Proactive problem detection, reducing problem diagnosis times, with 24×7 availability.

Smart investment

Availability of key information to make timely investment decisions regarding their platforms.

Online reporting

Access to all information regarding the performance and behaviour of your mobile application, through the online, up-to-date, aggregated reporting platform.

Best experience

 It improves end-customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Reports and recommendations to manage the performance of the application from the end-user perspective.


Mejora la disponibilidad y tiempos
de respuesta de tus aplicaciones móviles

Asegura el correcto funcionamiento de tus apps
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