IVR monitoring

Automated monitoring from telephone networks and measure the quality and performance of your IVR answering machines

Automated monitoring service that operates from telephone networks to measure the quality and performance of the IVR answering machine.

Through IVR robots (Atentubots), calls are generated from the telephony network to the customer's IVR, following predetermined flows in order to monitor and alert on the behaviour of the different functions, allowing to measure availability, response times and audio quality, from the end user's perspective.

What we do
  • We navigate our robot through your IVR just like a customer.
  • We measure availability and response times
  • We are able to record and record audio content.
  • Alerts are issued
  • We issue reports that allow you to analyse behaviour
Variables Register
  • Date, time of each call
  • IVR response time and response rate
  • Response Time within the IVR and its options
  • Down/Up Time Percentage
  • Start time and duration of the audio recording
  • Maximum, minimum and average audio dwell times
  • Message verification between received audio and expected audio

Benefits tailored to your specific needs

We deliver the information for correct decision making

Enables you to improve customer satisfaction and business efficiencies

We generate indicators for management and decision-making in the area of quality and customer service.

We compare the audios to ensure that the content is correct.

We record the availability of applications that interact with your IVR.

We make a log of all events occurring in the call.

We have a tailor-made report for each client, delivering indicators according to their needs.

We alert when measurement is flawed, enabling timely resolution of problems that impact quality of care.