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At Atentus we have our own and third-party technology, but we take care of installing, administering and managing them.
New Relic Application Performance Monitoring providesa complete view of your applications and operating environment.


Observe, Don't Guess

See where your bottlenecks are.

No matter where your applications run, our cloud-based platform allows you to understand them all from a single screen.

A complete view

of its applications and operating environment

Automatic instrumentation for the seven industry-leading programming languages means you can know what's going on in any application environment.

Find and solve

all problems in a timely manner

Quickly find root causes and fix problems fast, thanks to in-depth transaction details showing exact method calls with line numbers, including external dependencies for applications of any size and complexity.


of performance

Get a complete picture by combining key mobile and browser application metrics with support services, data stores and hosts, so you can optimise performance holistically and ensure the success of every initiative.

Understand your users' experience

APM in conjunction with Atentus Synthetic Monitoring provides real-time and trending data on the performance of your web or non-web application. Your development/operations teams won't need to guess whether a performance bottleneck is coming from the application itself, CPU availability, database loads or something completely unexpected.

New Relic APM provides:

Vista panorámica: tenga una mejor comprensión de su sistema de software: lo que es “normal” frente a lo que no lo es.

Detailed elements: use distributed tracing, error traces, slow database queries and other APM features to identify and handle abnormal application performance.

Current status: use real-time streaming, monitor the current status of your applications and receive alert notifications on escalating conditions before they affect your users.

Oportunidades para mejorar: Optimice “normal” para mejorar aún más los niveles de satisfacción del usuario y la experiencia móvil de su aplicación.

ROI: analyse the issues linked to your critical revenue paths. Plan for the future, using architectural connections and dependencies through APM service maps, analytics and data visualisation in New Relic Insights and other New Relic products integrated with APM.

With Atentus Synthetic Monitoring and New Relic APM working together, you can better understand how front-end code affects the performance of back-end services. Gain a more complete observation capability and know when a release is successful or when deployments need to be rolled back. Confidently deliver and iterate code across your DevOps team faster.

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