Complementing Visibility with Observability



In increasingly complex IT environments and increasingly demanding users, a new category of solutions is beginning to knock on the doors of IT departments: observability platforms.

Observability consists of a set of tools whose main objective is to help the technology team and area to understand what is happening in their systems. For this, data obtained from monitoring is collected and analyzed.

Observability platforms provide access to a real-time picture of the entire system, making it easier to identify the nature of potential problems, where they are occurring and which systems are being affected.


Monitoring is used to record information about events as they occur, alerting DevOps teams if an application is down or there is an issue. Observability platforms take the information gathered by monitoring tools and help identify patterns that would otherwise be hidden. Observability also makes it easier to locate the root cause of a system-wide problem, and in turn monitoring provides a first basis for a trial-and-error strategy.

Monitoring can answer what is happening at a given time and observability can answer why.

When it comes to Observability, we are tool agnostic.