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Real User Monitoring

With Real User Monitoring measure from the customer's perspective, your overall business.
This is a passive monitoring technology that records all user interaction with a website or mobile application, collecting traffic information on its different pages or flows, with a special focus on page download and display performance.

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New Relic RUM

Real user monitoring, as the name implies, measures actual user interactions with a website or web application. This is commonly known as passive frontend monitoring: the solution relies on actual user traffic to collect metrics.
A site owner typically implements a RUM solution by placing a snippet of JavaScript code in the page headers of a site.

When a user visits the site, this script captures basic information about the user and their experience:

  • Time or performance metrics (commonly captured by the browser time API)
  • Dimensional details about end-users, such as type and version of web browser, operating system, type of device, their geographical location (based on their IP address)
  • Information on errors (such as JavaScript errors)

Real user monitoring is very effective in helping site owners measure and make informed short- and long-term decisions about their application.

  • With a complete view of your environment, you can master the performance of your interface, see the ongoing impact for your users and increase your bottom line.
  • Decrease page load times and eliminate errors
  • Allocate development resources where it matters most.

Real user monitoring allows you to see and understand the complexities of who is using your site. Get to know your users and customers in general, segment for refined analysis and identify ways you can improve their experience.