Robots are here to stay. The faster you reap their potential, the faster you will create a competitive advantage for your business.

RPA: Robotic Process Automation

Process Automation

Process Automation. RPA accelerates and executes processes with perfect precision in the fields of government, banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, retail, telecommunications and many more.

A virtually unlimited spectrum of increasingly complex functions can be automated, improving every high-volume transactional process in more than one way.

Enabling RPA to handle any process will not only transform and streamline your company's workflow. It will enable superior scalability and flexibility within the enterprise, accompanied by a fast and customised response to your specific needs. Software robots are simple to program and integrate seamlessly into any system.

Automation is the future and at Atentus we build robots to ensure you and your business the best results in your internal processes.


With 20 years of experience developing bots for web services and mobile applications, an RPA service is created to meet different operational needs that your company may have.

Atentus technology will allow you to automate almost any process, and even create processes where bots invoke processes in other bots: RPAs that take over processes from other RPAs. 


Consultative Process

The operational or business processes of each client are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Dimensioning and Optimisation

Design and dimensioning of automation using bots and optimisation work.

Integration and DevOps

Setup of the automation platform: Atentus bots, third-party bots, data processing and possible developments.

Operational Process

Maintenance, adjustments and evolution of the automation infrastructure


Reports and control panels of activity and productivity of the bots.


Business Intelligence of productivity data.

RPA implementation

The first steps in an implementation are:

Review and selection of the process to be automated

POC development or pilot test

Consolidating implementation

To grow and cover other processes of greater complexity and institutionalise