Deliver a superior digital experience to your customers

See what your customer is experiencing. Understanding the impact your digital platform has on the customer experience is essential to your success and to ensuring the best experience for your users. Atentus uncovers the experiences users have wherever and however they access.

It's time to make a change

The experience of your users is the most important thing when managing a platform, measuring it to improve it is best practice.


UX Monitoring

Because we know that omnichannel is part of the present and future, we want to help you make every front end of your business visible so that you can ensure the best quality digital service to your customers and users.

These services measure the UX quality of a digital channel, which will be perceived at all times by its users. The Atentus method is the only way to determine the real availability and response times per provider/city, visualising in detail the behaviour of the components that affect the experience of your end users.


Atentus Synthetic Monitoring uses distributed test bots installed on the main Internet access points used by end users to proactively test the availability and performance of their applications and sites remotely, even when there is no traffic.

An organization should consider using this approach for in-depth monitoring and diagnostics of the capabilities of the entire application infrastructure across the full range of end-user experiences.

Reasons for using Synthetic Monitoring


Visibility of the Application

The application is visible on a regular basis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through active monitoring of predefined and automated frequency of predefined navigation flows.


The application is warned/alerted that the application is unavailable or slow before end-users notice it.

Change detection

Changes in application response are detected, analysed and alerted more quickly and effectively than other methodologies.

User perception

Visualisation of how users perceive the functioning of the application at all times from the main access points in the country.


Visualisation of user experience across all communication channels.

Problem identification

It identifies where the problem comes from, whether it is network or generalised (from all accesses), as well as problems with name or domain resolution.

Application times

It identifies how accesses affect application response times.


Paths from access points to the application are analysed.


Evidence of the messages delivered by the server is captured: screenshot of application errors


We have an online dashboard and historical user experience reports.


A simulation of critical transactions is generated, including with validation tokens and coordinate system.